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In accordance with the ship-owner Company Director has developed, published and obliged the Company personnel to follow strictly the Company Policy in personnel health protection, ship operation safety and environment protection, personnel qualification.

Besides the fact that the Company Policy is described in Company Main Manual, it is also posted in a plain view on board any vessel and in the Company’s office. Each member of the personnel should know its content.

"Company Safety & Environment Policy of Seatraffic Ltd."
            THE COMPANY TAKES responsibility and obligations entrusted by ISM-Code, ESTABLISHES the safety and environmental policy for the company personnel at all levels of organizational structure,             AIMS to provide safety in ship operations and environment for people as well as to organize protection from any risks.  It also provides constant improvement of onshore and ship personnel dealing with safety management including readiness in cases of emergency related to safety and environmental protection. OBLIGATES to provide realization of the given Policy both at sea and on land. The Policy implies:
  • rigorous fulfillment of the International Convention requirements and fulfillment of other normative documents for safety at sea and environment protection by the ship’s crews and shore employees;
  • ship running safeguarding and safe working conditions;
  • absolute compliance of the functions by each employee and his or her awareness of personal responsibility for safety at sea and environmental protection;
  • control and evaluation of ship personnel suitable for fulfillment of their professional duties, constant improvement and maintenance of knowledge, skills and professional training of the onshore and ship personnel dealing with safety at sea and environment protection as well as readiness in case of emergency on a due level; maintenance of any personnel’s training that can be necessary to provide Safety Management System;
  • compliance with all labor protection requirements as per International Labor Organization Regulations according to the documents of ships’ sailing flag  and related Chapters about descriptions and instructions of definite mechanisms, devices, equipment and systems worked out by their producer, planners and ship manufacturing plants;
  • labor protection ensuring via equipping the ships in compliance with current standards, requirements and labor protection rules;
  • service personnel training of safe equipment service and constant supervision over knowledge and compliance with the labor protection requirements and the rules with regard to the equipment assigned to each crew member;
  • elimination of inappropriate methods, non-conformities etc. from current standards and rules and from maintenance of mechanisms, equipment, devices and system found while ship running ;
  • organization of health protection measures and, for this reason, fitting the ship with all her spaces with all necessary means and equipment; appropriate ship supplying with sufficient quality of water and food according to the level established by the international legal documents;
  • ensuring technical fleet maintenance in appropriate state for operation;
  • knowledge of the current situation on board and on land by the company person in charge who provides ship operation;
  • immediate report from ships and coastal units about occurred or possible problems connected with safe navigation and environmental protection;
  • immediate and effective actions of the persons in charge for any reports dealing with safe navigation and environment protection;
  • analysis and accurate, efficient and well-timed correction of procedure stated by the documents Safety Management System in case of some non-conformities and deficiencies; 
  • stimulation the desire of all company employees to fulfill Company Policy, Safety Management System requirements as well as their awareness of the fact that competence and employees motivation at all levels determines the positive final result;
  • ensuring Company safety from all found risks;

  • creation of such conditions that provide new employees and promoted employees with necessary data about safe navigation and environment protection and about their duties;

  • realization of decisive struggle with alcohol abuse, its possessing, usage and delivering aboard, also with drug storage and transportation;

  • stimulation of interest and development of the sense of personal responsibility in terms of health protection, safe navigation and environmental pollution prevention
THE COMPANY DECLARED that for communication in the Company, on board ships and for completing shipping and other internal documents RUSSIAN is used as the working language – WORKING LANGUAGE RUSSIAN